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Theological Studies

Diploma Programs

Working from Home

Six Diploma of Theological Studies Tracks:

  1. Spirit-Empowered Living

  2. Christian Education

  3. Biblical Studies

  4. Spiritual Caregiving/ Counseling

  5. General Theological Studies

  6. Ministry Leadership *

Completion of the Diploma program requires:

  • Two (2) Preparatory courses: English Composition and Numeric Analysis  (6 credit hours)

  • Seven (7) courses of your choice, from any available course track  (21 credit hours)

  • Two (2) courses of the Ancillary Global/ Foreign Language Requirement (8 credit hours)

  • One (1) Community Service Initiative Internship (1 credit hour)

  • One (1) Ceremonial and Ministry Practicum (2 credit hours)

Foreign Language Requirement:

Emerald-Bleu Institute prides itself on ensuring that its students are equipped with the proper tools for ministry both domestically and internationally.   Each student, in the 5 non-licensure/ordination track diploma programs, will participate in a two-course, 8 credit hour foreign language component. 


The following language is currently available:

  • Spanish Language and Culture

Mother and Daughter

Current Courses:

Diploma Students choose any 7 courses from the lists below.

1. Biblical Studies Topics: 


DBIB-110:    Old Testament Survey

DBIB-120:   New Testament Survey

DBIB-302:  Historical Geography of the Holy Land

DBIB 332:   Old Testament Historical Books

DBIB-362:  Life of Christ

DBIB-363:  End Time Events (Biblical Eschatology)

DBIB-364:  Life of Paul

DBIB-374:  Romans: Your Path to Victory

DBIB-376:  Hebrews and General Epistles

DBIB-400:  Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics)

DBIB-401:   Israel Study Tour

DBIB-421:   Pentateuch

DBIB-424:  Hebrew Prophets

DBIB-437:  Poetical Literature

DBIB-455:  Luke/Acts


2. Theological and Historical Studies Topics:


DTHE-101:     Holy Spirit in the Now

DTHE-230:  Christian Faith and Ministry

DTHE-303:  Major World Religions

DTHE-304:  Contemporary Religions/Cults

DTHE-313:    Biblical Doctrines I

DTHE-314:    Biblical Doctrines II

DTHE-399:   Signs and Wonders I

DTHE-400:   Signs and Wonders II (Principles & Patterns of Divine Healing)

DTHE-410:    Theology & Practice of Spiritual Warfare

DTHE-444:   Contemporary Theology

DTHE-453:   History of Christianity I

DTHE-454:   History of Christianity II

3. Practices of Ministry topics: 


DPRM-300:  History & Philosophy of Christian Education

DPRM-301:   Intro. to Christian Caregiving

DPRM-304:  Educational Ministries of the Church

DPRM-305:  Teaching the Bible

DPRM-312:   Faith and Human Development

DPRM-317:   Principles of Biblical Counseling

DPRM-320:  Ministry Practicum

DPRM-321:   Christian Approaches to Counseling

DPRM-325:  Intro. to Christian Missions

DPRM-333:  Ministry and Leadership Development

DPRM-340:  Sermon Preparation

DPRM-397:  Ministry Internship

DPRM-402:  Discipleship and Small Groups

DPRM-405:  Crisis Intervention

DPRM-418:   Marriage and Family

DPRM-422:  Group Dynamics and Counseling

DPRM-429:  Intro. to Codependency Counseling

DPRM-430:  Evangelism

DPRM-449:  Spiritual Issues in Substance Abuse

DPRM-454:  Youth Ministry

DPRM-455:  Adult Ministry

DPRM-460:  Church Administration

DPRM-474:   Premarital Counseling










Ministry Leadership Track Core Courses
(*For Grace Fifth Jurisdiction COGIC Ordination/ Licensure candidates)

ENG 101: English Composition

MTH 101: Probability and Statistics

OHEB-101 :   Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Survey I

OHEB-102:   Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Survey II

ONTS-103:   New Testament Survey

ONTS-104:   Christian Ethics and Contemporary Issues

OCLP-201:   Christian Leadership Principles and Self-Management
OCHU-202: Church History 1: Survey of the History of the Global Christian Movement

OWIM-203 : Her Story: Women in Ministry Yesterday and Today

OBSD-204:  Homiletics, Intro. Biblical Interpretation, Sermon Preparation, & Delivery

OPCL-301:   Spiritual Care, Pastoral Counseling, & Legal Ramifications

OMCA-302: Modern Church Administration in Contex

OCHU-303: Church History II: COGIC History and Polity

OLGE-304:  Modern Local and Global Evangelism

OPTF-401:    Pentecostal/Charismatic Theological & Spiritual Foundations

OCOM-402: Community Service Initiative Internship

OCMP-403: Ceremonial And Ministry Practicum

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