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Spiritual/Christian Caregiving Certificate Program

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The Spiritual Caregiving program is comprised of 25 credits:

  • 2 Preparatory courses (English Composition and Numeric Analysis- 6 Credit hours)

  • 6 Certificate Courses (18 credit hours)

  • 1 Ministerial practicum ( 1 credit hour)


Introduction to Christian Caregiving

A study designed to examine the “caring” aspect of the Christian life from theoretical, theological and practical perspectives. The integration of the theoretical and theological perspectives with practical experiences is implemented and evaluated.


Principles of Biblical Counseling

An introduction to basic concepts and procedures of biblical counseling. Its purpose is to acquaint the student with a biblically oriented approach to people helping. The knowledge and skills gained may then be integrated into the student’s personal counseling style.


Faith and Human Development

A study of “whole-person” development and a wide range of practical Christian ministry in the local church context. Includes physical, intellectual, social, psychological, moral, and faith development for all ages.


Christian Approaches to Counseling

This course examines three aspects of counseling within the Christian context: (1) a theological foundation for Christian counseling, (2) communication and relationship-building skills necessary for being an effective helper, and (3) helping theories and their application for the Christian counselor.


Ministry Practicum

The purpose of this ministry practicum is to provide the student with practical experience in ministerial responsibilities and in a broad range of roles performed in ministry. Trainees gain competence in essential areas of local church ministry. 

Choose 2 Elective Courses

Crisis Intervention

A study to acquaint the student with the nature and dynamics of crisis situations. Emphasis is placed upon intervention principles and procedures in the context of situational crises. The approach includes the concept of training laymen for basic crisis intervention.

Group Dynamics and Counseling

Coming Soon

Spiritual Issues in Substance Abuse

Most self-help programs refer to a higher power. This course identifies the spiritual issues associated with seeking a higher power from a uniquely Christian perspective.

Marriage and Family

This course is a study to explore the dynamics of family relationships, particularly from the viewpoint of family counseling and therapy. The course focuses on knowledge and skills such as the theology of marriage and the family, problems of divorce and remarriage, courtship and mate selection, and the theory and technique of family therapy.

Introduction to Codependency Counseling

The theological, ethical, moral, medical, and practical considerations are important in counseling those who are chemically dependent and those who are codependent.

Premarital Counseling

This course offers and systemic and biblical approach to helping couples prepare themselves and their relationship for marriage.

* Courses subject to change
** Course availability based on term offerings
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