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Certificate and Diploma Courses
begin Fall 2022

We have specialized Certificate and Diploma programs suitable for everyone with an interest to grow in their spiritual gifts.

Certificate Programs

Spirit-Empowered Living

For those who want a deeper biblical foundation and also would like to develop their understanding of the signs and wonders of God and how that can still be manifested today. 

Professional Woman

Christian Education

For those who are involved in their local church Christian education programs such as Sunday school, Children’s church, Youth ministry, Cell group ministry, etc.

Team Meeting
Support Group

Spiritual Caregiving

For individuals who want to be effective in Christian based counseling service.

* For ministry only, does not include state counseling licensure requirements
Smiling Businesswoman

Biblical Studies

For those who want a deeper dive into their biblical studies.


General Theological Studies

For those seeking a more interdisciplinary training based on courses from all four certificate programs.

Diploma Programs

Six specially designed programs with a unique global focus to increase your ministry effectiveness.

Image by Eber Devine

Ministry Licensure and
Eldership Ordination Training

An additional track, offered through the diploma program, for those seeking COGIC Ministry and Eldership ordination.

Library Student

Diploma in Theological Studies

 A more in-depth focus on various theological topics, with a  foreign language integration.

Stay tuned for 5 business certificate and diploma programs in Spring 2023

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