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Theological Studies

Diploma Programs

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Diploma of Theological Studies Track:

Ministry Leadership

A specialized program designed for those seeking Jurisdictional Licensure or Ordination

The following courses are designed for this program:

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ENG-101: English Composition and Grammar

MTH-101: Numeric Analysis

OHEB-101 :   Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Survey I


OHEB-102:   Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Survey II


ONTS-103:   New Testament Survey


ONTS-104:   Christian Ethics and Contemporary Issues


OCLP-201:   Christian Leadership Principles and Self-Management

OCHU-202: Church History 1: Survey of the History of the Global Christian Movement


OWIM-203 : Her Story: Women in Ministry Yesterday and Today


OBSD-204:  Homiletics, Intro. Biblical Interpretation, Sermon Preparation, & Delivery


OPCL-301:   Spiritual Care, Pastoral Counseling, & Legal Ramifications


OMCA-302: Modern Church Administration in Context


OCHU-303: Church History II: COGIC History and Polity


OLGE-304:  Modern Local and Global Evangelism


OPTF-401:    Pentecostal/Charismatic Theological & Spiritual Foundations


OCOM-402: Community Service Initiative Internship (1 credit hour)


OCMP-403: Ceremonial And Ministry Practicum (2 credit hours)

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