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General Theological Studies

Certificate Program


The General Theological Studies program is comprised of 25 credits:

  • 2 Preparatory courses (English Composition and Numeric Analysis- 6 Credit hours)

  • 6 Certificate Courses (18 credit hours)

  • 1 Ministerial practicum ( 1 credit hour)

Choose a total of 6 courses
Select 1 or 2 Courses from each concentration listed below

1. Biblical Studies Topics:

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

Old Testament Historical Books

Life of Christ

End-Time Events (Biblical Eschatology)

Life and Teachings of Paul

Romans: Your Path to Victory

Hebrews and General Epistles

Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics)

Israel Study Tour


Hebrew Prophets

Poetical Literature


2. Theological and Historical Studies Topics:

Holy Spirit in the Now

Christian Faith and Ministry

Major World Religions

Contemporary Religious Cults

Bible Doctrines I

Bible Doctrines II

Signs and Wonders I

Theology & Practice of Spiritual Warfare

History of Christianity I

History of Christianity II

Signs and Wonders II (Principles and Patterns of Divine Healing)

3. Practices of Ministry Topics:

History and Philosophy of Christian Education

Introduction to Christian Caregiving

Educational Ministries of the Church

Teaching the Bible

Faith and Human Development

Principles of Biblical Counseling

Christian Approaches to Counseling

Introduction to Christian Missions

Ministry and Leadership Development

Sermon Preparation

Ministry Internship

Discipleship and Small Groups

Crisis Intervention

Marriage and Family

Group Dynamics and Counseling

Introduction to Codependency Counseling

Spiritual Issues in Substance Abuse

Youth Ministry

Adult Ministry

Children’s Ministry

Church Administration


Premarital Counseling

Additional Required Course

Ministry Practicum

The purpose of this ministry practicum is to provide the student with practical experience in ministerial responsibilities and in a broad range of roles performed in ministry. Trainees gain competence in essential areas of local church ministry. 

* Courses are subject to change
** Course availability based on term offerings
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