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Christian Education
Certificate Program

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The Christian Education program is comprised of 25 credits:

  • 2 Preparatory courses (English Composition and Numeric Analysis- 6 Credit hours)

  • 6 Certificate Courses (4 Core and 2 Elective Courses- 18 credit hours)

  • 1 Ministerial practicum ( 1 credit hour)


Old Testament Survey

A historical survey of the Old Testament.  Special attention will be given to the cultural background, to the theological and contextual perspectives, as well as to the practical application of Major Old Testament themes.


Teaching the Bible

Fundamental and advanced methods of Bible study relating to teaching situations in the church are studied. Thorough consideration of background information is encouraged for proper understanding of Biblical situations and their application to our present time.


New Testament Survey

An examination of the New Testament and of the historical, social, economic, and religious background out of which Christianity arose.


Faith and Human Development

A study of “whole-person” development and a wide range of practical Christian ministry in the local church context. Includes physical, intellectual, social, psychological, moral, and faith development for all ages.


Ministry Practicum

The purpose of this ministry practicum is to provide the student with practical experience in ministerial responsibilities and in a broad range of roles performed in ministry. Trainees gain competence in essential areas of local church ministry.  

Choose 2 Elective Courses

History and Philosophy of Christian Education

This course is a study of the historical and philosophical foundations of Christian education in the Judeo-Christian tradition, with primary emphasis on the Christian era.  The course strives to integrate the theory and practice of ministry as reflected by this study with the modern issues of Christian education. 

Educational Ministries of the Church

A study designed to introduce the students to the historical, philosophical, and theological basis of the educational ministries of the church. Includes a study of the basic principles and practices of organization and administration of these ministries, with emphasis on implementing programs to meet the needs of the learner through his or her life span.

Discipleship and Small Groups

A study of how to develop and direct discipleship and small group programs within the church. Includes small-group principles, dynamics, and problems. Also considers the way Christian disciples are developed and gives practical guidelines for implementing discipleship in the church.

Adult Ministry

Coming Soon

Introduction to Christian Caregiving

A study designed to examine the “caring” aspect of the Christian life from theoretical, theological, and practical perspectives. The integration of the theoretical and theological perspectives with practical experiences is implemented and evaluated.

Ministry and Leadership Development

A study of Biblical principles and methods of training believers for ministry and leadership in the church. Attention is given to spiritual growth, development, and equipping needed for effective ministry and leadership.

Youth Ministry

This course gives an overview of youth ministry within the local church including foundations for ministry, roles and relationships of the youth minister, and administrative principles and strategies.

Children’s Ministry

A study of the characteristics and needs of children and educational methods required for ministering to them. The physical, psychological, social and spiritual developmental needs of children will serve as a basis for the structuring and evaluation of curriculum, content, and equipment, learning objectives, and teaching techniques.

* Courses Subject to Change.
** Course availability based on term offerings.
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