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Biblical Studies

Certificate Program

Library Student

This Biblical Studies program is comprised of 25 credits:

  • 2 Preparatory courses (English Composition and Numeric Analysis- 6 Credit hours)

  • 6 Certificate Courses (4 Core and 2 Elective Courses- 18 credit hours)

  • 1 Ministerial practicum ( 1 credit hour)


Old Testament Survey

A historical survey of the Old Testament.  Special attention will be given to the cultural background, to the theological and contextual perspectives, as well as to the practical application of Major Old Testament themes.


Bible Interpretation (Hermeneutics)

A study of the problems and methods of biblical interpretation, including the factors of presuppositions, grammar, literary and historical context, and the appropriate handling of the various kinds of literature found in the Bible.


New Testament Survey

An examination of the New Testament and of the historical, social, economic, and religious background out of which Christianity arose.


Life of Christ

A study of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as presented in the Gospels and early Christian literature.






Ministry Practicum

The purpose of this ministry practicum is to provide the student with practical experience in ministerial responsibilities and in a broad range of roles performed in ministry. Trainees gain competence in essential areas of local church ministry. 

Choose 2 Elective Courses

Old Testament Historical Books

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Life and Teachings of Paul

A study of the life and teachings of the Apostle Paul as recorded in the Book of Acts and the Pauline epistles. Special attention is given to the beginnings and growth of the church.

Hebrews and General Epistles

A study of the New Testament books of Hebrews, James, 1 and 2 Peter, and Jude. Particular attention is given to the major teachings of these books as they fit into their original historical contexts and as they speak to us today.


A study of the first five books of the Old Testament, commonly known as the Pentateuch. Emphasis is placed on the historical, cultural, and geographical milieu of these books

Poetical Literature

A study of the poetical books of the Old Testament, including Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and Lamentations, with emphasis on Hebrew poetry and its relation to other ancient literature.

End-Time Events (Biblical Eschatology)

This course is a study of Old and New Testament teachings on eschatology, including those aspects of the Kingdom of God which are already present and those yet to be fulfilled. Specific attention will be given to concepts such as Messiah, resurrection, tribulation, millennium, judgment, signs of the time, and the Kingdom of God.

Romans: Your Path to Victory

A basic study surveying the great truths found in Paul’s letter to the Romans. Key passages are dealt with in great detail. Particular attention is given to the major doctrinal and exhortative sections of the book with an application to Christian faith and practice.

Israel Study Tour

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Hebrew Prophets

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A study of the Gospel of Luke and its accompanying text, the Book of Acts. Emphasis is placed on the historical and cultural milieu of these books, with a special focus on how the Holy Spirit speaks to the church today.

* Courses subject to change
** Course availability based on term offerings
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