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Emerald-Bleu Institute

In collaboration with Oral Roberts University, Emerald-Bleu Institute is an online, postsecondary institution that facilitates innovative instructional and mentoring methodologies with a global worldview. EBI also encourages the furthering of communal and selfless service within various theological and business-related fields, and/or the intersection of the same.

The Emerald-Bleu Institute serves a diverse network of Church of God in Christ congregations within and beyond the Grace Virginia Fifth Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, facilitating instruction and promoting productive academic discovery, uplifting theological reflection, and an efficient synergy amongst administrators, staff, faculty, and students alike.

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Our Collaboration Partnership

with Oral Roberts University

Emerald-Bleu Insitute has partnered with Oral Roberts University for your academic and accreditation benefit.  Oral Roberts University is a well-respected, Christian Pentecostal University that carries over 12 accreditations and memberships.


Oral Roberts University offers Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate level degrees.  As a part of our partnership agreement, every certificate and diploma student can transfer their earned credits through EBI into an undergraduate or graduate degree with Oral Roberts University. Now you have a chance to pursue your highest academic endeavors with a start with Emerald-Bleu Institute.

Our Administrative Team

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