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Quality Education at an affordable price.

Business Certificate Programs

Earn a certificate in the below topics in only 6 months or take one 4 week course and gain more skills to make you more employable! 

Store Manager

Business Management

Learn what it takes to lead an organization, large or small and gain the necessary skills for succeeding in the corporate world. 

Personal assistant


Technology is constantly changing.  We will help you learn what new innovations are our there and what to expect from those that are in their earlier stages of implementation. 

Business Meeting


In this digital world, it's important to learn how to build, grow, and maintain a brand.  Our courses will help you market businesses in any industry.

Event Planner's Portrait


Many businesses fail in the first five years due to the stress of entrepreneurship and not having enough resources to keep things going.  We will help you create a plan for your business or business idea that will sustain you for years to come. 

Stock Exchange Market


No matter what industry you are in, businesses are in need of those who understand proper accounting principles! We'll teach you not only accounting techniques but also strategies for investing.

Modern Senior Woman

Non-degree Seeker Option

Need a few courses under your belt to be more marketable in your job search or to get a promotion? Just want to learn something new? We offer courses that you can take at any time and still get the skills you need for any situation.

Theology Programs

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Spiritual Caregiving/ Counseling

Do you have a special gift for helping others? This 9 course program is best for individuals who want to be effective in Christian based counseling service.

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Biblical Studies

A 9 course program that helps you get  a deeper dive into their biblical studies

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Christian Education

This 9 course program is suitable for those who are involved in their local church Christian education programs such as Sunday school, Children’s church, Youth ministry, Cell group ministry, etc.

Man with Blazer_edited.jpg

Ministry Leadership

This program is a specialized 2-year program for those seeking Ministry Licensure or ordination.

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Non-degree seeking Option

Take any course that is available without the commitment to a full program

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Upcoming Master Class!

Finding your Prophetic Call!

Join Bishop Carlton as he discusses how to find your prophetic call!

Free Admission

Healing Waters Reception Hall

9:00am - 10:30am


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